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Lenient sentence for drink driver



Haverfordwest court

Haverfordwest Magistrates court

A CARDIGAN woman was banned from driving for 12 months at Haverfordwest Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday. Caroline Quinn, aged 47, pleaded guilty to a charge of driving when her alcohol level was above the limit. Prosecuting, Ellie Morgan said: “At 7.45pm on Saturday, November 15, a witness noticed a Black Nissan vehicle which didn’t have headlights on.

The witness followed the car and noticed it hitting the curb on a couple of occasions. The car also then hit a parked car. The witness then saw the female getting out and staggering away. They could smell drink on her breath. She told the witness that she was on the way to pick up her son. This person replied: ‘You’re p*ssed, why did you get behind the wheel? Quinn replied: ‘I’m not denying it, you might as well call the police’. The police were called and she was breath tested with her lower reading at the station being 73 micrograms which is just over twice the legal limit.”

Defending, James Subbiani said: “Quinn has a son who suffers from Aspergers and they are currently under protection of a restraining order for an unrelated matter. She was not planning on going out but she was told that the person who is the subject of the restraining order was in Cilgerran where her son had gone and she started to worry and panic. She was worried as her son had not come home when he was supposed to and that he might encounter the person and was in a state of panic. She got behind the wheel as she wanted to go and find her son and she made a foolish mistake in doing so.

She has never been to the courts before, she has a clean license and these are quite unusual circumstances. Because of the circumstances I would ask you to depart from your guidelines and issue a shorter sentence and be as lenient as you possibly can.” Magistrates agreed with the defense saying they ‘understood the circumstances’. As a result Quinn was only disqualified for 12 months which the magistrates added was well below their guidelines. She was also fined £110 for the incident, £85 in court costs and a £20 victim surcharge totaling £215.

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Aberystwyth: Driver on drugs hits lorry and causes ‘road chaos’



A DRIVER high on drugs caused 15 miles of chaos as he approached Aberystwyth on the A44.

Brian Pitts hit an oncoming lorry and road signs as he drove on the wrong side of the road.

A car passenger filmed him because she was sure a serious accident was about to happen.

Pitts, aged 57, of Delmont Close, Tipton, west Midlands, admitted dangerous driving and driving while unfit through drugs he had taken.

Dean Pulling, prosecuting, told Swansea Crown Court that on June 16 last year Pitts had been driving his Rover MGZR, towing a trailer full of wooden fencing posts, towards Aberystwyth from his home.

Richard Brooks followed the car through Llangurig and became so concerned he telephoned the police while his wife Victoria filmed Pitts on her mobile.

The Rover collided with a 13 tonne lorry driven by Andrew Paxton but failed to stop.

Pitts failed to take a roundabout and hit road signs and an embankment but still carried on.

During the 15 miles, said Mr Pulling, oncoming traffic had to swerve off the carriageway to avoid a collision.

Several motorists telephoned the police to report what they were witnessing, he added.

Pitts came to a stop in the middle of the road and another motorist snatched the keys out of the ignition–and noticed that Pitts had been driving with a dog on his lap.

Mr Pulling said police officers could tell there was something wrong with Pitts, but an alcohol text showed he was below the limit.

“He was clearly unfit,” said Mr Pulling, although it was still unclear what drugs he had taken.

Pitts was taken to Aberystwyth police station and then to Bronglais hospital, where he appeared to recover after treatment. But he soon deteriorated and had to be taken back to the hospital.

Pitts developed pneumonia and had to be kept in for nine days.

His barrister, Tom Scapens, said when Pitts had been shown the mobile telephone footage he felt physically sick.

Judge T Mervyn Hughes jailed Pitts for 10 months and banned him from driving for four years.

He told him, “If you had not been stopped I am quite sure you would have caused serious injury if not death.”

Pitts was told to pass an extended driving test before getting his licence back.

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Motion to support the reduction of plastic use in Ceredigion approved



In a Full Council meeting on 22 February 2018, the Council unanimously supported a motion to reduce the use of plastic and to support plastic reduction initiatives in Ceredigion.

The motion was proposed by Councillor Mark Strong and was seconded by Councillor Gethin Davies. The motion calls on Ceredigion County Council to support the various ‘Plastic Free’ campaigns throughout the county by reducing single-use plastics within Council facilities and offices and to promote the use of sustainable alternatives to single-use plastics at all Council supported events.

Councillor Mark Strong said, “I’m delighted that the Council unanimously supported the motion. This is an important step for the Council but we must carry on to reduce plastic use. Everyone has a responsibility to reduce the environmental damage caused by plastic. Carrying out small acts such as buying milk from your local milkman supports the local economy but in turn also supports our environment by using reusable glass bottles.”

The motion also calls on the Council to encourage local businesses, organisations, schools and communities to move away from single-use plastics and use sustainable alternatives as well as to support beach cleans and other events which aim to raise awareness of the issues of single-use plastics under the “Plastic Free”, Caru Ceredigion, Tidy Towns or any similar initiative.

The motion was amended in the meeting to include the establishment of a Members’ Task and Finish group to support measures to reduce the Council’s use of plastic and to support initiatives in the county that reduce plastic use.

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Richards-Keegan cleared of sending underage girl nude pictures



A BOW STREET man has been cleared of charges that he sent an underage girl photographs of his penis.

Paul Robert Morgan Richards-Keegan, aged 21, had denied two allegations of inciting a child to engage in sexual activity.

Richards-Keegan, of Tregerddan, said the only messages he sent her via the internet were in response to approaches from her and did not include photographs of his private parts.

Catherine Richards, prosecuting, had told a jury at Swansea Crown Court that the 14-year-old girl had shared messages with Richards-Keegan via Snapchat.

At one stage police issued to him a child abduction notice, which he signed, instructing him not to contact the girl

In 2016 she told her mother that he was again sending her unwanted photographs of his penis attached to messages.

Richards-Keegan was arrested, and told police he had obeyed the order apart from messages he had sent after being contacted by the complainant.

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