New Sainsbury’s store ‘is going ahead’

Big plans: New store will create 310 job
Big plans: New store will create 310 job

THE MANAGEMENT at Sainsbury’s have confirmed to a Pembrokeshire Herald reader that their plan for a new supermarket in Haverfordwest is going ahead. Pembrokeshire resident, Andrew Lye wrote to Sainsbury’s head office to ask if the plans had been shelved in light of the now tougher competition in the food retail sector. This week Tesco announced they were closing 43 unprofitable stores thought the UK and are shelving some planned developments.

Following Mr Lye’s letter Declan Girvin, Customer Manager of Sainsbury’s Supermarkets Ltd wrote back saying: “Thank you for enquiring about the opening of the Haverfordwest store. We have good news for you. It is going ahead. You can follow the developments on our corporate website. I have inserted the link below for you to check out.”

However, there is still confusion. Sainbury’s press officer is saying that a final decision has yet to be taken, and that the Customer Manager who sent the correspondence to Mr. Lye may have not given the correct information. This is in contrast to Tesco, whose Chief Executive wrote to an Assembly Member last week, stating that their plans for the new store in Aberystwyth were one hundred percent solid.

Sainsbury’s is the third largest chain of supermarkets in the United Kingdom with a share of the UK supermarket sector of 16.4%. It employs 161,000 people. Planning permission for the Haverfordwest store was granted in 2013. The following link is to the Haverfordwest section on the Sainsbury’s website: property/supermarkets/wales/ haverfordwest/

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