Ferry passengers in rough 26 hour ride

Rough ride: The Stena Europe. (Photo Lisa Roberts/Facebook)
Rough ride: The Stena Europe. (Photo Lisa Roberts/Facebook)

A FERRY which failed to fully dock at Fishguard yesterday has now arrived back in port after more than twenty six grueling hours in rough seas, it’s owners have confirmed.

The Stena Europe left Rosslare Harbour on Saturday morning and should have arrived in Pembrokeshire on Saturday at lunchtime.

Cleddau Radio has reported that a number of foot passengers were able to disembark before conditions worsened. According to reports a mooring rope snapped forcing the vessel to leave the port before car and freight traffic could off load.

A passenger on board posting on Facebook page described very rough conditions entering Fishguard Harbour as the ship listed heavily.

On Saturday night (Jan 31) Rachel Crombie posted on Facebook: “Sally, my friend, is aboard and they’re up near Barmouth now, hoping to dock back down in Fishguard tomorrow morning, but a lorry has overturned on board so actually getting anyone who’s on with a vehicle is going to take hours if and when they finally dock.”

Ms Crombie added: “Sally has said the captain took the stabilisers off as they came into Fishguard harbour and they rolled massively, cue smashing glass from the bar and slamming doors then rolled the other way and that’s when the lorry went. They came in the wrong way and because of the lorry blocking the exit, it was decided that they’d head off up to calmer waters and wait it out and try again tomorrow.”

Ms Crombie’s account has not been confirmed by the ferry operator.

way backA marine traffic website showed that the ferry headed north, taking shelter off the Llyn peninsula overnight. The vessel with the crew and most of the passengers still on board then made the return journey to Pembrokeshire, south through Cardigan Bay on Sunday morning (Feb 1). The Stena Europe arrived back in port shortly before 12 midday Sunday in much calmer conditions.

Stena Line has confirmed to The Pembrokeshire Herald that normal timetabled services have now resumed.