MOD object to turbines

turbineTWO applications for wind turbines were deferred by councillors as the Ministry of Defence has raised concerns about their positioning.

Both the turbines would be built near Llechryd, Cardigan, but the MOD has objected to both as the first may cause interference with a Secondary Surveillance Radar (SSR) at Aberporth while the other lies within an MoD safeguarding zone.

Speaking in favour of the first application, agent Martin Horne said: “There was an original objection that this proposal would affect the primary radar at Aberporth. We questioned this and subsequently the MOD withdrew their objection as it was clearly evident that there isn’t any line of sight relating to this proposal. Unfortunately the MOD has now objected for a generic reason that the turbine also may be interfering with a Secondary Surveillance Radar. We are confident that this matter will be resolved to the satisfaction of all parties as has been the case on several other wind turbine applications. As you can see from the report the application is deemed acceptable in terms of the visual impact, residential amenity, impact on the historic environment and biodiversity.”

It was felt that a deferral was more appropriate in this application and Cllr Brian Hall moved that they should defer. This was approved unanimously.

Speaking on the second application, for two turbines to be built at Play Y Berllan farm, the applicant Hywel James said: “We are passionate about renewable technology and I hope you can see how important it is for the farm. This would prepare the farm for the future. With the MOD I would like to ask for a similar condition to the first one and ask for deferral.”

Cllr Rod Bowen said: “On the previous application we decided to defer and I would move we do the same for this one.”

Both applications will now be coming back at future meetings pending further information from the MOD.

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