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Eglwyswrw: Concerns raised over child a year before his death

Dylan Seabridge’s parents attend court last year

AN INQUEST into the death of an eight-year-old boy who died from scurvy revealed that concerns had been raised more than a year before his death.

Dylan Seabridge, from Eglwyswrw, died in 2011.  However, in the inquest it was claimed that Dylan, who was home-schooled, had had no contact with the authorities for seven years.

No Serious Case Review has been published, but BBC Wales has claimed to have seen a draft Serious Case Review, which expresses reservations regarding the laws on home education in Wales.

The inquest heard that scurvy was easily treated and preventable.  However, Dylan’s parents, Glenn and Julie Seabridge, said that they had thought that he was suffering from growing pains.

Charges of neglect against the couple were dropped in 2014.

Former secondary education worker Mrs Seabridge worked in Ceredigion.  However, during an employment tribunal a lawyer and head teacher contacted social services, once they became aware that Mrs Seabridge suffered from mental health issues and had a home-educated son.

Education officials visited the Seabridges, but had no power to see their child.

Pembrokeshire County Council has said that a Child Practice Review on the case will soon be published.