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Post office petition sent to top brass

Photo credit: Danny Lawson/PA Wire
Photo credit: Danny Lawson/PA Wire

THE SAVE Aberystwyth Post Office Campaign have posted their petition to Paula Vennells the CEO of Post Office Ltd, this week (Apr 11) at Aberystwyth Post Office on Great Darkgate St. The petition is protesting against the possible franchising of the crown post office and has been signed by at least 2700 people.

Gary Williams, branch secretary of the Communication Workers Union, has officially posted the petition. Campaign supporters were present, including Ceredigion Peoples Assembly, Mark Williams MP Lib Dems, Elin Jones AM Plaid Cymru, and Dinah Mulholland from Ceredigion Labour who started the cross party community campaign with the support of the CWU.

Many of the petitioners have put comments on the website testifying to the fact that the post office is so well used, so essential to the town, and that the service and the building are held in such esteem by locals and visitors.

A campaign spokesperson told The Herald: “People feel that Wales is being picked on. Post Offices in Wales are being closed disproportionately to the rest of the UK. We have printed out the petition comments and are sending them to Post Office CEO Paula Vennells. I don’t know if she will read them but she should. She should see what effect this slash and burn attitude topost office services is having on people. It is the only Crown Post Office left in a 140 mile area.”

One petitioner wrote, ‘Don’t kill Aberystwyth off.’ Another petitioner just wrote, ‘No. No no no no no no no no no.’

Last week it was confirmed that Tregaron Post Office was moving into the Spar and Royal Mail announced that Tregaron Sorting Office service was being moved to Aberystwyth as it was ‘not fit for purpose’. However no attempt was made to find alternative premises in Tregaron.

Dinah Mulholland from Ceredigion Labour Party said, “Post Office Ltd is saying that these closures are because the services are not sustainable. But millions has been made by individuals and hedge funds from the sale of Royal Mail and from the privatisation of post offices. Some closures and franchises have been prevented because the local community were so active in their opposition. Who knows what the outcome will be here in Aberystwyth but we have to keep trying. Each small act of protest adds up to a larger whole.