A&E waits ‘absolutely shocking’

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 10.34.50FIGURES released today show Welsh A&E waits in March were worse than the ‘winter pressure’ months, with only 70.8% of patients at major emergency units discharged within 4 hours.

Health boards have been expected to meet a target of 95% of patients seen within 4 hours, yet not a single one with a major A&E department has met that target.

Labour Ministers are also going backwards on their target to eradicate waits of over 12 hours, with 4,387 patients in March not seen within the 12 hour benchmark.

Kirsty Williams, Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats, said:

“These figures are absolutely shocking. If the people of Wales weren’t already questioning Labour’s ability to fix the problems in our NHS, they will be now.

“I can’t understand how we’ve seen such a massive nosedive in waiting times. We need answers now, especially now that Labour Ministers don’t have the ‘winter pressures’ excuse to hide behind this time.

“Labour have the gall to claim they’ve kept all their promises, yet the 4,387 patients left for over 12 hours without being treated will testify that they’ve failed on their pledge to eradicate lengthy waits.

“Welsh Liberal Democrats will take action to reduce pressures on our A&E departments, ensuring that all patients have a nearby out-ofhours GP they can visit with more minor injuries and a new model of care for older people to minimise unnecessary hospital admissions.”

Conservative Shadow Minister for Health Darren Millar said: “In March more patients than ever spent over 12 hours in an A&E unit; a painful, worrying and potentially dangerous.

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