End of an era at Park Avenue

Andy Evans and David Blair: Compete for possession
Andy Evans and David Blair: Compete for possession

Meirion Appleton 5
Tomi Morgan 6

THE ABERYSTWYTH TOWN FOOTBALL CLUB fam­ily enjoyed a remarkable night as the club bid a fond farewell to the turf at Park Avenue on Fri­day (May 13) with a spectacular match involving 9 Green and Black legends and 31 more popu­lar ex players and supporters.

Meirion Appleton’s side made a blistering start when Gavin Allen, Glyndwr Hughes and Kevin Mor­rison all rolled back the years and clinically found the net in front of the Dias Stand.

However when Paul Coyne set up Andy Evans he reduced the deficit, and then man of the match Iwan Roberts rounded Tony Brauer to bring the scoreline back to 3-2 at half time.

Tomi Morgan’s side continued a remarkable turnaround after the break with Huw Bates equalising from close range, before Donald Kane smashed home a classy long volley to make the score 4-3.

Iwan Roberts notched two more goals, one set up by a crowd pleas­ing, swashbuckling 70 yard run by keeper Richard Morgan, but back came Meirion’s boys with two more goals, the second a penalty brilliantly dispatched by Gavin Al­len.

Despite a late onslaught Tomi’s boys held on and both sides left the field to a rapturous applause.


Meirion Appleton’s side: Tony Brauer, Tom Bates, Richard Lu­cas, Peter James, Graham Thomas, Nicky Roberts, Glyndwr Hughes, Lee Jenkins, Kevin Morrison, Gavin Allen, Dai Blair. Subs: Sion Meredith, Gari Appleton, Clive Jones, George Barron, Dylan Mor­ris, Mark Devereux, Iwan Jones, Tony Bates, Dai “Caprice” Evans.

Tomi Morgan’s side: Richard Morgan, Huw Bates, Robbie Jones, Steven Jones, Mark Hughes, Barry Rowlands, Thomas Crockett, Paul Coyne, Andy Evans, Donald Kane, Iwan Roberts. Subs: Ken Williams, Phil Thomas, Huw Bonner, Andrew Curley, Meilir Howells, David Bus­son, Tomi Morgan, Nigel Nicholas.

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