Violence triggers demand for more police

CCTVTHERE HAS been an increase in demand for more police patrols to be on duty in Cardigan following a violent incident in which a serious injury was inflicted on a local youth. Cardigan Town Councillors heard that a young man was hospitalised shortly after the vicious incident that took place at the Barley Saturday event. Ferwig Community Council wrote a letter, which was read by councillors at Tuesday’s meeting (May 17), regarding their concerns about current police policies.

The community called for increased police presence on the streets, as well as more CCTV cameras to be installed around the town. Alongside these suggestions was also the demand for increased lighting at various point around the town. Councillor John Adams-Lewis was feeling hopeful that the introduction of the new Police and Crime Commissioner would result in more police being brought back onto the streets and ensuring the police stations would be kept open. He said: “Since they moved the police station out o town, it’s out of sight, out of mind.”

Councillor Gwynfi Jenkins, however, reminded the other councillors that the town’s CCTV cameras were previously lost due to cuts. He said: “We are fighting against the tide again.” Agreeing that there should have been more police attending the Barley Saturday event, Councillor Clive Evans also added that the costs of running a CCTV system have been reduced, making it more likely that it will be possible to return the service to Cardigan. Councillor Jane Roche said: “These are valid points, but it will come down to funding, unfortunately.

We need to know we are a safe community and a police presence, even as a calming influence, needs to be there.” All councillors present at Tuesday’s meeting agreed to raise their individual concerns at the next PACT meeting, and will invite the new Police and Crime Commissioner to meet them for a discussion about all issues raised.

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