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CEH270516_Page_24_Image_0003IF YOU’RE looking for something different to do over the half term holiday, a competition has been created in which you can create The National Library of Wales on Minecraft to win up to £50.

The aim is to recreate the intricate building, which is based in Aberystwyth, as accurately as possible using the ‘Digital Build Challenge Pack’.

A panel of staff from The National Library of Wales will judge the competition, marking each submission out of a possible score of 100. 80% of the score will focus on the outside of the building, and the age of the contestant will be taken into account when judging.

Competitors will be supplied with building plans, various photographs of the library and a video, which can all be used as a guide for them to create their own Minecraft versions.

When creators have finished their Minecraft masterpieces, it is imperative that evidence of their building is presented to the judging committee, which can be done by making a video or taking many pictures or screenshots of it.

The videos made of any creations can be showcased on websites such as YouTube or Vimeo, or alternatively it can be put onto a CD or a DVD.

Prizes will be awarded to the best three submissions, with first prize winning £50, second prize winning £30 and third prize winning £20.

All entrants must include their name, school and age along with their entries, which must be sent to owd@ by Friday July 1.

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