Tories secure safeguards on future of Welsh motorsport

Tories secure safeguards on future of Welsh motorsport
Tories secure safeguards on future of Welsh motorsport

WHEN WE think ‘air pollution’, we might think exhaust fumes and cigarette smoke, but the fact is that many of the products we use in our homes to make them cleaner and smell better may also be making us ill.

Asthma, eczema, fertility issues, even heart problems and diseases such as cancer may be linked to products we use every day in our homes.

Those concerns led Llechryd-based businesswoman Karen Stinton to set up Ceredigion’s (and perhaps Wales) first all-natural environmentally friendly cleaning company: Busy Bee Natural Cleaning Company. And business is buzzing!

Although Karen had previously been cleaning homes and commercial premises using more conventional products, she has always had an interest in natural alternatives, and more recently, events in her personal life made her take a serious look at the chemicals that were in her home.

Karen explains: “My husband, Ian, had a double lung transplant last year which has made him susceptible to all sorts of illness and left him vulnerable to all kinds of pollution. Obviously, I wanted to make sure our home was as healthy as possible for him, and I began to look seriously at alternatives to the chemical cleaning products available in the supermarkets.”

Research into ‘old fashioned’ cleaning methods proved to Karen that chemical cleaning products weren’t necessary to have a clean, safe home: ingredients such as vinegar, bicarbonate of soda and lemon that were used by previous generations, can all be used to clean effectively without leaving harmful chemical residues in the atmosphere.

Encouraged by the results she was achieving at home with her natural cleaning solutions, Karen launched Busy Bee Natural Cleaning Company in October 2015 using the cleaning products she mixes at home from old family recipes. Since then, she has been inundated with requests for her cleaning services (and products). In fact, demand for her cleaning services has been so great, she has taken on 2 new members of staff.

As Karen tells us:

“I have been bowled over by how popular the natural cleaning services are proving – and it’s great to be able to employ more people in the area.

“ I think many people know that alternatives exist to conventional cleaning products but they either haven’t got time or are worried about getting it wrong.”

“With Busy Bee, we’ve been able to help people improve the atmosphere in their homes, while maintaining high standards of cleaning.”

Busy Bee Natural Cleaning Company is currently cleaning domestic and commercial premises in South Ceredigion/ North Pembrokeshire/West Carmarthenshire.

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