Council called out on refugee crisis

Marc Frenchi, Kate Sherringer and Celia Lang: Outside Cardigan’s Guildhall despite the rain
Marc Frenchi, Kate Sherringer and Celia Lang: Outside Cardigan’s Guildhall despite the rain

LOCAL Amnesty members from Cardigan gathered outside the Guildhall on Saturday (25 Jun) in a bid to ask members of the local community to sign a letter concerning the housing of Syrian refugees within the Pembrokeshire area. The letter, addressed to Pembrokeshire County Council, received an optimistic number of signatures in favour of increasing the proportion of Syrian refugees housed within the county.

An excerpt from the letter reads: “We are writing as concerned members of the public to express our disquiet at the apparent lack of positive steps toward the local settlement of refugees. We feel it is only right that we should share the responsibility for the desperate families fleeing from their war-torn countries.”

Cardigan’s Amnesty community set up a table and an information board outside the popular Cardigan venue and included pictures of war-damaged Syria. Throughout the morning, local members Marc Frenchi, Kate Sherringer and Celia Lang asked the people of Cardigan to sign the letter addressed to the council, bringing the refugee crisis to the forefront of people’s minds as they questioned the possibility of Pembrokeshire taking in their quota of refugees.

A spokesperson for Amnesty Cardigan said: “We write now to ask you to ensure that we are part of a county that cares, and that will shoulder its responsibilities with dignity and humanity.”

“With Refugee Week having just t aken place (Jun 20-26), members of Cardigan Amnesty would like to express the ir gratitude towards Pembrokeshire citizens who have already demonstrated a surge of goodwill related to the cause through supporting Hiraeth Hope.”

“Pembrokeshire has a history of providing a warm welcome to those in need, and this should be no exception.”

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