Brexit ‘must not leave Welsh farmers worse off’

Make most of remaining EU funding: Leanne Wood
Make most of remaining EU funding: Leanne Wood

LEANNE WOOD has called on the farming community in Wales to maximise the benefits of EU membership whilst Wales remains a part of the organisation. 

She said that Welsh farmers will continue to receive CAP support through the Basic Payment Scheme and enjoy tariff-free trade with the EU as long as Wales is a member of it. We need to make the most of this funding now, she said.

The Plaid Cymru leader said we must also work towards the best deal for Welsh farmers and that means making the case to maintain the level of financial support they currently receive.

Ms Wood said: “Plaid Cymru was not in favour of leaving the European Union, but now that the people of Wales have taken that decision, we need to ensure that we maximise the opportunities we have. Welsh farmers continue to have access to European funding until we leave the EU, and the Welsh Government should be working to maximise the potential of this money.

“But when that funding ends, we need to ensure that the level of support afforded to Welsh farmers in direct payments is at least as much after we leave the EU as it is now. During the EU referendum campaign, Welsh farmers were promised that the direct payment support they receive will be at least equal to that received through the Common Agricultural Policy. They were also told that they could continue to trade with the EU according to terms favourable to Welsh businesses.

“Plaid Cymru will hold them to account and work to ensure that these promises are kept. Labour has already indicated that it will not work to protect the interests of Welsh farmers – Plaid Cymru will.”

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