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Weather warning issued by Met Office

uk-prepares-for-winter-storms-460192680-5661c189732c3The Met Office has issued a weather warning for this weekend, in which high winds are expected to hit Ceredigion, as well as the rest of Wales.

In a statement they said: “We are especially conscious of people camping on exposed coastline and ask that you be extra vigilant. Also please be mindful of any temporary structures such as marquees.

“For Saturday we’ll see more showers throughout the day across the whole of Wales. Again some of the showers are likely to be on the heavy side at times, and it’s possible there could be some thunder and lightning. Winds will also be picking up during Saturday, with strong gusty winds developing during the morning and continuing throughout the day.

“Winds are likely to be strongest around the coast where we could see gusts of up to 60mph or so at times, although even inland we could see some gusts to 45-50mph. These sorts of wind speeds whilst common in winter, are quite strong for the middle of August, and could be enough to give some minor impacts such as some tree branches coming down or small tents/marquees/banners etc damaged.”

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