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Dyfed-Powys Police appeals for “spontaneous events” information

raveDYFED-POWYS POLICE is asking farmers, local landowners, community councillors and persons in their respective communities to be on the alert for any signs that ‘Spontaneous and Pre-arranged’ gatherings are being planned in their locality.

They ask that you report:

1. Any suspicious activity immediately to the police.
2. People looking at land or testing hedges, fences or gates.
3. Unusual vehicles driving slowly or stopping in isolated areas.
4. Gatherings of people in and around beaches, vacant land or lay-bys.
5. Report any damage to facilities such as toilets, bus shelters and fences.

Mobile phones, text messaging and social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter have made it easier for organisers to prepare and plan these events.

Police say: “There is a general need for vigilance in our communities and landowners are reminded to take simple precautions to prevent access to their land.

“Spontaneous events with gatherings of people can cause considerable anxiety to the community and if they are not dealt with swiftly, they are difficult to stop or otherwise control, due to the sheer numbers of people involved and the safety aspects of breaking up such an event.

“There is little doubt that these types of events are well very planned and organised but local knowledge is also important in attracting people to a particular vulnerable field or area of land, which has been targeted as a suitable venue and this is where we are asking the communities to be vigilant.”

If you see anything suspicious please contact Dyfed-Powys Police without delay on 101 and ask to speak to the Duty Sergeant.

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