Fire Service issue tumble dryer safety message

Safety message: This is what fire can do to a tumble dryer
Safety message: This is what fire can do to a tumble dryer

SINCE January 2016, Mid and West Wales have attended 11 incidents of fires involving tumble dryers, the latest of which occurred in Sketty, Swansea.

On Wednesday, July 20, at 8.36pm, crews from Swansea West and Swansea Central attended a tumble dryer fire in Sketty.

The fire originated in the tumble dryer and spread to the work top. The fire was confined to the kitchen area, which crews extinguished using four Breathing Apparatus, two Hose Reel Jets, two Thermal Imaging Cameras and one Positive Pressure Ventilation Fan. Firefighters left the scene at 9.06pm.

Deputy Head of Community Safety, Steve Davies, advises the public:

“To avoid a fire caused by a tumble dryer in your home please follow these simple safety tips:

  • Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the use and maintenance of the appliance.
  • Clean the lint trap after every use – the build-up of lint or fluff can cause fires.
  • Don’t overload plug sockets – the high wattage for a tumble dryer means that it needs its own 13-amp socket.
  • Don’t leave appliances unattended – don’t turn the tumble dryer on before you leave the house or go to bed. Tumble dryers contain powerful motors with fast moving parts that get very hot.
  • Don’t ignore warning signs – If you can smell burning or clothes feel hotter at the end of cycle, have your appliance checked out.
  • Don’t overload your tumble dryer or put items in that have been used to soak up flammable liquids, including cooking oil.

Finally, it is of vital importance that you have a working smoke alarm in your home. For more details on home fire safety or to get in contact with us regarding home fire safety, please visit our website.”

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