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Ceredigion glass collection trial in Cardigan

glass-collection-2CEREDIGION COUNTY COUNCIL (CCC) is reviewing the way it collects waste and recycling from the kerbside, with one of the options considered being a kerbside collection of glass.

In order to fully consider the options, a glass collection trial is necessary so that they can collect robust data.

The glass trial will be carried out on the Penparc and North Cardigan collection route where the waste is collected on a Friday. This particular collection route has been specifically chosen as a monitoring area since November 2014 as it is fairly representative of the situation across Ceredigion.

In order to provide the trial as cost effectively as possible, CCC is working with colleagues in Pembrokeshire County Council (PCC), who have kindly offered to help. The boxes, collection vehicle and driver will be provided by PCC.

However, most of the crew working on the vehicle are CCC staff members. As the trial area is located near the border with Pembrokeshire it is an ideal area to trial the service and to collaborate with our neighbouring authority.

By conducting a glass trial in this area it will help give the council a clearer picture on what would happen within Ceredigion as a whole if they were able to roll the service out county wide. The trial will be conducted for an initial period of six months.

A Cardigan resident commented: “It is an excellent idea, I genuinely hope it’s a success and I look forward to having empty shelves where my old glass is collecting dust whilst I keep forgetting to take it to the recycling bank.”

Councillor Alun Williams, Cabinet Member for Transport, Waste and Carbon Management, said: “We are looking forward to trialling a regular kerbside collection of glass in the north Cardigan area. If the trial is successful, as I very much hope it will be, we can then consider expanding this service across the whole county.”

He adds: “Glass is a material that is a 100% recyclable and yet our data suggest that it is one of the recyclable materials most commonly still put in black residual waste bags. There is clearly an opportunity to improve our recycling performance further, by making it easier for households to recycle their bottles. I’m optimistic that residents and the Council can work together to achieve this.”

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