Changes to the Human Rights Act

screen-shot-2016-10-31-at-14-56-17ON WEDNESDAY (Oct 19), Clynfyw Care Farm is holding an event at Small World Theatre, Cardigan, relating to changes that the Government is planning to make to the Human Rights Act.

Since the Second World War, the Human Rights Act has been a vital tool that supports and protects us all. The proposed changes will have an impact on our whole society.

In 2015, The Daily Telegraph published an open letter signed by 163 organisations, which called on ‘those with power to respect human rights laws’. The organisations represented people from across the UK including carers, disabled people and children, professional bodies like the British Medical Association and Royal College of Nursing, and local councils.

The letter called on ‘those with power to reflect on the meaningful, often quiet, ways human rights make a difference for people in their everyday lives’.

“There are pros and cons to every argument,” said Clynfyw’s Jim Bowen. “In this event we present both sides, with speakers explaining what the Act is, how it has helped to protect us as a society and how it might evolve in the future.”

Speakers have been invited from the Welsh Conservatives and also the British Institute of Human Rights.

Each will explain how they believe the Human Rights Act should be used to protect and develop our country as a whole, and whether changes are needed at all.

The Human Rights Act is of great relevance to us all. It is especially important to everyone in Social Care as there are significant rights and duties that everyone should know about.

Everyone is welcome. There will also be a free soup and rolls for lunch for all attendees. For more information, call 01239 841236 or email Jim.clynfyw@

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