Chancery becoming freak accident blackspot

Blaenplwyf: Traffic tails back (Pic. Marian Delyth)
Blaenplwyf: Traffic tails back (Pic. Marian Delyth)

A FALLEN tree at Chancery completely blocked the A487 on Wednesday, October 5.

Strong winds brought the large tree crashing to the ground near the Conrah Hotel just after midday. The incident closed the road for around three hours and traffic had to be diverted. Thankfully, there were no reports of anyone being injured. However, the falling tree only just missed a stock lorry carrying cattle. Gareth Jones from Llanon was driving behind the stock lorry towards Aberystwyth and managed to avoid running into the back of it as the lorry braked to miss the tree. At around 1.30pm, photographer Marian Delyth was on the bus home to Blaenpwyf when her journey was rudely interrupted by the fallen tree. Electing to walk home rather than endure a long and tortuous diversion on windy backroads, Marian took these pictures of the disruption.

Thanks to the efforts of the Ceredigion Council workers, eye-witnesses report that the road was open again in time for the school run at Llanfarian. The Forestry Commission report that, in the UK, an average of six people per year are killed by falling trees or branches. In July, three people were injured when a car crashed into a house in Chancery, again near the Conrah Hotel. The A487 through Chancery is skirted by large beech trees, amongst others, whose branches overhang the road, making that stretch of road like driving through a dark tunnel. On one side of the road in particular, the trees are planted very close together and do not appear to be very well rooted. Could there be another accident just waiting to happen on this blighted section of road?

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