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Protecting young drivers with Pass Plus Cymru

Ffion Wyn Lloyd: Winner of a £250 cheque

CEREDIGION COUNTY COUNCIL’s Road Safety Department feels the Pass Plus Cymru course gives new drivers “important early-on experience driving on busier, faster, bigger roads that they would otherwise be left to face by themselves or with an unqualified person.”

The organisers say: “Considering the modest sum of £20, Pass Plus Cymru offers tremendous value for money. The additional non-mandatory driving qualification, usually taken by newly qualified drivers gives offers applicants further instruction and added experience on aspects not covered in the usual driving test.

“The course consists of a group discussion which covers all six elements of the course as well as 6 hours of on-the-road training; the course focuses on aspects such as motorway driving, night-time driving and driving on rural country roads.”

Ffion Wyn Lloyd from Cwrt Newydd, who attended the course in August said: “I felt it was very important to complete Pass Plus Cymru after gaining my full driver’s license. As all of my driving experience has been on rural roads, PPC gave me the opportunity to gain valuable experience and confidence when driving on the motorway and tackling busy roundabouts – for £20 I don’t know why any newly qualified driver wouldn’t complete Pass Plus Cymru.”

Ffion was also the lucky winner of a £250 cheque after being entered into a quarterly prize draw which hasn’t been won by a Ceredigion resident since 2013.

Councillor Alun Williams, the cabinet member for transport said: “Anything that can be done to protect young drivers is important. Offering young and newly qualified drivers added tuition in unfamiliar driving environments will certainly increase safety on our roads.”

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