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Man cleared over Cardigan rape

swansea-crown-courtA CARDIGAN man has been cleared of raping a woman who claimed she had been too drunk to give her consent.

Daniel Philip Evans, aged 42, said the sex had been “magical” and that he was still in her bed the following morning.

Evans, aged 42, of Castle View, The Strand, had always denied rape and after a trial at Swansea Crown Court was found not guilty.

Ian Wright, prosecuting, had told the jury that the woman was so drunk she had to be helped home from a wine bar and to this day still had no memory of what happened next.

Mr Wright said she had been to the Red Lion pub and then the Dragon wine bar, both in Cardigan town centre, where she fell over and was taken home.

But she returned a short while later, only to slump to the ground again.

Mr Wright said Evans, a complete stranger, helped her to get home a second time.

He said the woman woke at 6am the following morning to find Evans in her bed. Both were naked.

Evans said he had met her in the wine bar and thought she was “away with the fairies” and so helped her home.

Once there she had invited him in and then onto her bed “for a cuddle.”

They kissed, he said, and then had sex “in about fifteen different positions.”

He described her as gorgeous and said the sex had been magical and that it had been one of the best nights of his life.