David Trotter Memorial Lecture

Giving the lecture: Professor Frankwalt Möhren from Heidelberg University
Giving the lecture: Professor Frankwalt Möhren from Heidelberg University

THE INAUGURAL Memorial Lecture to honour the achievements of Professor David Trotter was held by Aberystwyth University’s Department of Modern Languages in the Old College last Friday (Oct 14).

The Department of Modern Languages established the annual memorial lecture series to acknowledge not only Professor Trotter’s major contribution to the study of medieval French language and Anglo-Norman lexicography, but also his role as a lecturer in French and Head of Department for over 20 years.

David Trotter was a leading international authority on French language and lexicography and was the chief editor of the Anglo- Norman Dictionary that is based at Aberystwyth, receiving honours such as the Prix Honoré Chavée.

As well as receiving many acclamations during his career, David Trotter was also an inspiring leader and a loyal colleague of Aberystwyth University. Professor Trotter enjoyed working collaboratively and had a wide international network of academic friendships.

He will always be remembered by his colleagues for his breadth of knowledge, his intellectual curiosity and his wonderfully witty turn of phrase (in multiple languages).

Former Director of the DEAF research institute (Etymological Dictionary of Old French) and personal friend of the family, Professor Frankwalt Möhren, Heidelberg University, gave the inaugural lecture.

This lecture gave insights into the work of lexicographers like David Trotter. On the basis of examples like ‘pudding’, ‘flat earth’ and ‘Jesus Christ’s Profession’, Profesor Möhren demonstrated the general interest of lexicographers’ work and its relevance as part of the humanities.

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