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MP supports police widows’ campaign



screen-shot-2016-11-29-at-12-22-21MARK WILLIAMS, Member of Parliament for Ceredigion, has met with local campaigner Debra Poole and other police widows in Parliament this week as part of the Police Widows’ Pension Campaign.

Until 2006, the law meant that those who lost their partners in the line of duty and remarried or moved in with their new partner would lose their pension. This meant many having to choose between their future happiness and receiving their pension.

Changes in the Police Pension Regulations in 2006 meant new entrants into the pension scheme, and serving officers who chose to transfer to the new scheme, would ensure survivors’ benefits were payable for life, even if they remarried or moved in with a new partner.

However, those who were affected between the 1987 Regulations and the 2006 Regulations have been told that they will not be able to remarry or cohabit with a partner and continue to keep their pension.

Mark said: “I was glad to be able to meet with one of my constituents, Debra Poole of Sarnau, and discuss this matter during the Police Widows’ Pension Campaign Parliamentary lobby.

“The situation that these widows have been put in is unjustifiable. Simply by virtue of their partner dying in the line of duty before the new regulations were in place means they have been told that they must choose between future happiness and keeping their widows’ pension.

“Though it is greatly welcome that the regulations have been changed so new and serving officers will not have to worry about their partners should the worst happen, this is little consolation for the widows of those officers who paid the ultimate price before the new regulations were in place.

“I urge the Government to reconsider their position and act to rectify this injustice.”

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. P Hirst

    April 13, 2018 at 1:03 am

    Debra Poole has been living with James Duffy since September 2016
    They spend all their time together when mr Duffy is home for the weekend. He is a HGV driver and hence they can only spend weekends together and bank holidays. Although mr Duffy has a flat, he simply uses it for business purposes and when there mrs Poole is invariably with him.

    I believe she also rents out another property under her name or nee Smith. She advertised this property on duffy!s Facebook last summer. Is this alleged income reported to inland revenue?

    whilst campaigning for pension reform and giving her BBC interview with a straight face she is arguably defrauding the insurance company. These pensions are not supposed to cover the surviving spouse effectively living with another as husband and wife. Yet the police did limited investigations. The insurance company needs to carry out proper investigations. No wonder she can afford new cars, several holidays abroad each year. New York in February etc etc
    Defrauding good law abiding citizens since September 2016. Duffy and her spend all the time he is home together. When the above photo was taken Duffy was living with her and they were in a sexual relationship. Her sons live with her but are too scared to speak the truth although her daughter might.
    They are even talking about marriage

    The law is being broken. Everytime she claims her pension she is allegedly committing fraud by falsely representing her status namely that she is not living with someone. Given the nature of Duffy’s job as HGV driver he is unable to spend anymore than Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. On face book she writes “will always love you” to Duffy.
    She has most of his stuff in Sarnau and wants him to move in with her. She keeps all his personal stuff on her property such as his jet ski, his late mother’s property, clothes etc

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Proposed work on dangerous Dorglwyd Junction set to be delayed



ELIN JONES AM and Ben Lake MP have expressed their frustration following a recent statement from the Welsh Government noting that work on the A487 Dorglwyd junction from Comins Coch, would be delayed.

The junction has witnessed several crashes and close-calls over recent years, with local residents calling for the development of a roundabout or similar traffic-calming measures.

The Welsh Government announced in September 2016 that a feasibility study would be undertaken by the following Summer as to consider potential options to improve the junction.

However, a recent letter from Ken Skates AM, Welsh Government Cabinet Secretary for Economy and Transport to Elin Jones AM and Ben Lake MP noted: “We are aware of the issues at the junction and an improvement scheme has been within our upgrades programme for some time. Unfortunately, due to limited financial resources and competing priorities, it has progressed slowly.”

“We are currently reviewing the scope of a possible improvement and considering solutions which are affordable and minimise environmental impact. When we are in a position to present outline solutions, a workshop with local stakeholders will be held. This is likely to be in early 2019.”

Elin Jones AM said: “Whilst I do welcome such clarification from the Cabinet Secretary on the next steps for Dorglwyd junction, it is disappointing to read that no major works for the transformation will happen due to the expense of the project. It is positive however to see that a smaller scale improvement is now to be pursued, with consultation likely to be undertaken in early 2019.”

John Roberts, local Ceredigion County Councillor for Faenor ward, added: “I share both Elin Jones’ and Ben Lake’s disappointment at the response from Ken Skates AM. The original plan was to encapsulate a more global project including the Llanbadarn bypass therefore we need to be more realistic in our aspirations for Dorglwyd corner. Having discussed the project on site with both Elin Jones AM and Ben Lake MP last week we were of the opinion that a much smaller project which could solve the Dorglwyd issue was feasible and be much cheaper than the present scheme. We will wait for the consultation period in 2019.”

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Museum lights up the past



CEREDIGION MUSEUM has had a full refurbishment of its lighting thanks to £116,558 of grants from Welsh Governments Museums Archives and Libraries Division and the Rural Community Development Fund.

Museum Curator, Carrie Canham, said: “Lighting has been a problem for us for some time; the system was so old that we couldn’t get new bulbs for some of the fittings. Also, we love to put on theatrical and musical performances at the museum but we couldn’t create an atmosphere with just strip lights and footlights. We’ve now got great stage and display lighting and it’s transformed the whole experience for our audiences.

“The new lighting system is all LED, so not only does it look much better it is also more suitable for the more delicate exhibits and it saves us money on our lighting bill.”

The lighting was designed and installed by DBNAudile, who specialise in museum lighting.

The team managed to install the system with minimal disruption to visitors.

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KeolisAmey awarded Wales and Borders Rail contract



KEOLISAMEY is pleased that the Welsh Government has announced its intention to award the contract to operate the Wales and Borders rail service and the South Wales Metro to KeolisAmey.

Upon successful completion of a 10-day standstill period, the contract will run from June 4, 2018, to October 14, 2033, with rail services transferring on October 14, 2018.

This standstill period is normal procurement practice.

KeolisAmey is a joint venture partnership of international public transport operator Keolis, and infrastructure asset management specialist Amey.

KeolisAmey currently runs the Docklands Light Railway (DLR) in London, which has one of the best records in UK rail – consistently better than 99% reliability. Additionally, we operate and maintain Greater Manchester’s Metrolink – the largest tram network in the UK.

Alistair Gordon, Chief Executive of Keolis UK, said: “This will be a transformative new rail service for Wales and its borders which will see Keolis once more combine its worldwide expertise in passenger operations with Amey’s engineering excellence.

“We look forward to the successful completion of the procurement process – this exciting contract will deliver for all of Wales. The procurement process was rigorous, resulting in transformative solutions for the benefit of all in Wales, and indeed, future generations.

“While the proposed changes won’t happen overnight, the railway will be unrecognisable in five years thanks to the vision of the Welsh Government.”

Andy Milner, Amey’s Chief Executive, said: “Building on our successful partnership with Keolis, which already sees us deliver two high performing services – the Greater Manchester Metrolink and London’s DLR – we are honoured to be asked to operate the Wales and Borders service.

“This is a great opportunity for us to use our joint capabilities to deliver a first-rate service for Wales. We will be focused on working with Transport for Wales to transform the existing infrastructure and introduce new trains to significantly improve the passenger experience, as well as creating hundreds of new jobs and apprenticeship opportunities.”

KeolisAmey is unable to make any further comment until the procurement process has concluded and the contract has been awarded.

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