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Couple seek help as son has heart treatment

Baby Zach: Undergoing heart treatment

A CEREDIGION couple are appealing for donations to pay for costs as their son undergoes life-saving treatment.

Erin Weston and Shaun Harvey, both 24, have seen their son, Zach, undergo open heart surgery at a hospital in Bristol, after it was discovered he had a hole in his heart.

He was then rushed 128 miles from their home for the surgery.

Because of the distance from their home, they are appealing to raise money to pay for food, fuel, parking and accommodation costs.

Erin said: “We live in mid-Wales but have to travel to Cardiff for scans and we are currently in Bristol where we will be for another week at least.

“Myself and Shaun don’t have anywhere to stay and have been sleeping on sofa beds in scan rooms and things.

“It’s a hard time for everyone, emotionally, physically and financially.

“We are trying to raise a little bit of money to help with the fuel costs, parking, accommodation, food while away from home and things Zac will need while in hospital.

“It’s extremely hard having a poorly child, missing work means less income and travelling to hospitals far away from home for the required specialists.

“We are very grateful for any help.”

On his condition she said: “We noticed his breathing difficulty and extremely fast heart rate.

“We went to our local hospital and got sent to Cardiff by ambulance where they scanned him and started medication.”

You can donate to their cause at: www.gofundme.com/little-zacs-hospital-fund