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Mother warns parents about dangers of new school craze

Severe burn: The result of the 'challenge'
Severe burn: The result of the ‘challenge’

A MOTHER is warning parents about a new school craze, which has left her son with a serious injury, after she fears it will spread around Wales.

The ‘salt and ice challenge’ is where students dare each other to combine salt and ice on their skin, which causes a chemical reaction.

The Swansea mother said that the challenge has left her son with severe burns, to the point where medical staff were debating whether it warranted a skin graft. Ultimately it was decided not to be necessary as the boy had maintained full motor skills in the hand.

According to the mother, the reaction is very similar to frost bite, with the temperature falling far below that of ice rapidly.

It was such a deep burn that the nerve endings had been burnt and there was no feeling on the burn itself – just the skin surrounding the area.

She hopes that by spreading the word of this ‘challenge’ other parents will be able to warn their children about the dangers before anyone else is seriously injured.