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Council tax increased by 4% for 2017/18


IN A COUNCIL meeting on Wednesday (Feb 22), members determined the Council Tax rate for 2017/18.

The Council Tax rate was increased by 4%, and the extra increase was due to the Police and Town and Community Councils precept increases. The overall rate for the combined Council Tax for Band D for 2017/18 will be £1,412.74, an increase of 4.36%.

The increase comes as the Council continues to face serious financial constraints as a result of cuts in the budget from central government. Although the Council received a larger settlement this year from the Welsh Government and the increase in tax, the need to make savings persists. This follows cuts of £34 million since 2012 and the need to make savings of £3.7 million in the coming year.

The Councillor Dafydd Edwards, the Cabinet Member responsible for Financial Services said: “The feedback we’ve had from the public shows that the majority of people accepts the need to raise the Council Tax in order to maintain the standard of services. We don’t take such decisions lightly and the harsh cuts the Council has received since 2012 means that alternative ways to raise money must be found.”

Additionally, the Council continues to transform the way services are provided in order to make these savings; work is underway to rationalise Council buildings, while changing the way customer services are provided will also contribute towards ensuring the future of front line Council services.

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