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Brexit ‘presents a real threat to Ceredigion’

The voice of farming must be heard: Grenville Ham, Green Party candidate

THE GREEN PARTY pledges to offer people a chance to remain in EU if they do not like the deal on offer at the end of the negotiation period between the UK and the EU.

The Greens say this will not be a re-run of the in-out referendum, but will be a vote about the ratification process.

Grenville Ham, Green candidate in Ceredigion, said: “The Brexit campaign was one of the worst – people can now see it was full of broken promises and empty threats. That’s why Greens are calling for a Ratification Referendum to give people a say on the deal on the table, rather than lies printed on the side of a bus.”

Mr Ham continued: “Brexit presents a real threat to Ceredigion.  Support for our farmers must be guaranteed by the UK government after 2020, or we will see the loss of many farms in Ceredigion and the decimation of rural communities.  Whoever is elected to represent Ceredigion, ensuring that the voice of our farming community is heard in Westminster must be a priority.

“Personally, I feel that we are at a crossroads.  We need to ask the questions, what kind of country should post-Brexit Britain be?  And what does that mean for Ceredigion? We’ve all heard about ‘taking back control’, but how much control does a country really have if it needs to import the majority of its food and energy?

“As a Green, I believe we need to develop a more self-reliant, localised economy. Globalisation sees us transporting large quantities of food and energy from abroad, when it could be produced in the UK.  We need to nurture and protect our farmers and growers, and develop greater food and energy security.

“And we need to update the subsidy system in order to protect wildlife and encourage biodiversity, to restore our soils and to encourage planting that helps protect against flooding. We know flooding is likely to get worse and our biodiversity is under threat so surely it is common sense to invest money in the green heart of Wales to protect us all.”

Greville Ham will be speaking on these themes at Ceredigion Green Party’s next Platform event, ‘Agriculture and Land Use Post Brexit’ at Victoria Hall, Lampeter next Saturday (May 27) from 2-5pm.  He will be joined by keynote speaker, renowned author and broadcaster, Colin Tudge.

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