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Aberystwyth RNLI rescue fallen dog

ON SATURDAY (May 20) both Aberystwyth RNLI lifeboats were launched to reports of a dog that had fallen down the cliffs between Clarach and Aberystwyth.

The volunteer crew at Aberystwyth first launched the Arancia inshore rescue boat with two crew aboard who quickly began the search for the fallen dog. This was followed by the Atlantic class lifeboat Spirit of Friendship.

The dog was quickly located by the Arancia crew who put the boat ashore and waded across the rocks to approach the dog who seemed quite happy to see them.

The dog was quickly taken to the beach where it was reunited with its owner, with only a small cut on its leg.

Crewman Sam Wallis said: “It was a lovely dog and an emotional reunion. Being a dog owner myself I understand what the owner was going through waiting at the top for help to arrive, but she did the right thing. As soon as the dog fell, she called the emergency services and remained at the top of the cliff, which was the right thing to do. We would always advise people not to try rescuing their animals and call the emergency services.”

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