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Plaid wrestle Ceredigion from Lib Dems

New MP: Plaid Cymru’s Ben Lake will represent Ceredigion in Westminster

PLAID CYMRU’S Ben Lake is the new MP for Ceredigion after he beat previous MP Mark Williams by just 104 votes in the election on Thursday night (June 8).

The count at Aberaeron Leisure Centre lasted until the early hours of Friday morning after two recounts were called for following the initial count.

A result was finally announced around 6:30am and it was Plaid who regained control of the seat that Liberal Democrat Mark Williams has held on to since the 2005 election.

Ben Lake secured 11,623 votes compared to 11,519 for Mark Williams while Labour’s Dinah Mulholland was third with 8017 votes.

Conservative candidate Ruth Davis was fourth with 7307 votes while other votes were shared between UKIP (602), The Green Party (542) and the Monster Raving Loony Party (157).

There was a 73% turnout in Ceredigion, something which a number of candidates were very impressed with.

There were tears shed by members of Mark Williams’ family after the result was announced but he had earlier told the Herald: “I hope to be back but we will let democracy take it’s course.”

On being elected, Ben Lake said: “I’d like to thank all the candidates, it is a testament to the labour we put in that they turned out at 73%. I’d like to thank Mark Williams for 12 years of dedicated service to this county.

“It is a very great honour to be chosen to represent the people of Ceredigion and to be trusted to represent them in Westminster. Let me be clear, that I will work tirelessly for each and every one of you and make sure that Ceredigion’s voice is heard loud and clear.”

Kind words: Former MP Mark Williams wished Ben the best of luck in his new role

Outgoing MP Mark Williams congratulated Ben on his new role and said: “It has been an immensely privileged position to be a member of parliament for the last 12 years and I genuinely know that Ben will serve this constituency with dedication and distinction. I wish you the best of luck in the month and years ahead.

“Can I thank electorate of this remarkable constituency who returned me on three occasions. It is a marvellous constituency, it has been a huge honour to serve and I am eternally grateful to people of all persuasions who have contributed to what I would like to achieve.”

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  • Very sad to see Mark go after all the excellent work he had done to support so many ventures in Ceredigion. Good luck to Ben Lake but Mark will be a hard act to follow. How much of the result was down to the showing of Labour, and, possibly, the leader of the Lib Dems?

  • In an area of low wages, with a lot of students and people reliant on benefits, Mark Williams used his position as an MP to help shore up a Conservative government that attacked working people and increased tuition fees. He frequently voted for austerity measures, and had a large numbers of absences from Westminster when a more courageous politician would have stood up for the weak and poor amongst those he represented.

    That is not a ‘hard act to follow’.

    If he had had the courage to resist austerity on behalf of his constituents, rather than to rely on networking and giving the impression of being a ‘good constituency MP’, he’d still be in the job.

    • Kath
      Mark Williams didn’t have the decision to go into with the Conservatives, it was a party decision, not down to him. I’ve no idea how you expect one MP to resist austerity perhaps Mark should have grown his own party money tree like Labour!
      If you don’t think he was a hard-working MP, then you don’t know the guy at all. He worked long and hard for his constituents. Some people in Ceredigion have no idea how the election system works, with some thinking Marks’ office will still be open……………………..
      As for those voting for the Monster Raving Loony Party, I think that speaks volumes. As did having a Tory lady who gave her address officially as Westminster and stayed in Ceredigion in a holiday cottage whilst she toured the county. Sure in that brief time she fully got to grips with life in rural Wales as opposed to the Westminster bubble.
      Hope you enjoy having a Plaid youngster in Parliament