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Resident donates family piano to museum ​

Ethel’s daughter, Ethel and Carrie: With the piano

​CEREDIGION MUSEUM was delighted to receive a donation of a piano from the family of the late Howard Williams.

The piano, which ha​d been in the family for at least 60 years, moved with Howard and his wife Ethel in 1952 when they relocated from Ammanford to Aberystwyth.

Howard learnt the piano from a young age and was taught by his uncle.

Carrie Canham, Museum curator, said: “This generous donation by Ethel Williams will accompany many of our performances and shows. The piano sounds wonderful in the auditorium.”

Howard was a technician in the Geology Department of Aberystwyth University and upon retirement became a piano teacher. He taught dozen and dozens of local children and played as an organist in chapels around Aberystwyth right up until his death in 2013.

His wife Ethel was delighted to give the piano to the museum and said that Howard ​’would have been delighted to see its pride of place in the Coliseum​’​.

The piano is in excellent condition having been tuned twice a year. The piano is played regularly by visitors to the museum and will also be used in concerts.

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