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Nine sheep killed by dog

DYFED-POWYS POLICE have launched an investigation after nine sheep were killed by a dog in Abercych.

The incident was reported to police on Monday (Jul 3).​

​A spokesperson for the police said: ​“We are appealing for anyone with information about this incident to get in touch so we can fully investigate the circumstances.

“Sheep worrying has both a financial and emotional impact on farmers, and although farmers will quite often accept​​
compensation from the dog owners, where the owner is identified, that doesn’t really take into account the ongoing costs to buy or breed replacements.

“We regularly put out messages on social media and in the press advising dog owners to keep their dogs on leads and to endure that their security at home is such that their dogs can’t escape.

“What we also highlight is that it is not always non-farming residents whose dogs attack livestock. We have had incidents reported where neighbouring farm dogs have been to blame.

“Although we try our best to educate dog owners, many still think it is okay to allow their dogs to roam freely in the countryside even when it’s obvious there are livestock in nearby fields.

“Private land is private land and unless it has ‘open access’ rights or a public right of way through it then people should not even be walking their dogs through fields, let alone leave them loose.”

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