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Taking a stand against scams during July

JULY is Scams Awareness Month with the aim to raise public awareness of scams, share stories and find out how to protect yourself and others from these crimes.

Ceredigion County Council will be sharing information on Scams Awareness Month on its social media pages throughout the month to highlight this ever increasing concern which can effect anyone at any time. The National Trading Standards Scams (NTSS) Team estimates that the detriment to UK consumers as a result of these scams is between £5 and £10 Billion a year.

The initiative Friends Against Scams aims to prevent and protect people from becoming victims of scams by empowering communities to “Take a Stand Against Scams”.

Working with its partners, Ceredigion County Council’s Trading Standards Service has a key role to play in tackling such criminal activity. Cabinet Member for Lifestyle Services, Councillor Rhodri Evans said: “Scams Awareness Month is a great way of highlighting this serious issue as scams can affect us all. Due to the ever increasing threat of scams from numerous sources such as cold callers, the internet, through the post and even on your doorstep, it’s vitally important to raise awareness to the residents of Ceredigion to be both apprehensive and aware of these scams.”

The NTSS Team works across England and Wales with trading standards and partner agencies to investigate scams and identify and support those who fall victim to them. The aims of the NTSS Team is to identify victims of scams; intervene and protect victims from further victimisation; investigate criminal activity; inform local authorities and agencies on how to work with and support scam victims; influence people at local, regional and national levels to take a stand against scams.

Find out more on Facebook /CeredigionCC or Twitter @CeredigionCC.

Run by The National Trading Standards Scams Team, more information is available from the Friends Against Scams website:

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