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Man was ‘banned from Wales’ following harassment

A MAN who sent flowers to his ex-partner found himself arrested and banned from Wales, a judge heard today (Aug 11).

The man was accused of harassment because the victim took the gift as a message that he knew where she had moved to after their relationship had broken down.

And following his arrest he was granted bail only if he went to live with his sister 250 miles from his home.

The defendant admitted harassment and assault by slapping the victim twice and filming himself doing it on his mobile telephone.

John Hipkin, prosecuting, told Swansea Crown Court that although sending a women flowers would not usually constitute harassment it was one of several complaints, which included him accessing and viewing her emails and cancelling a joint mobile telephone contract.

He had also telephoned her nine times, which showed that he had managed to find out her new telephone number.

The assault, said Mr Hipkin, happened when they had both been drinking and the victim had been ‘certainly drunk.’

The defendant’s barrister, Janet Gedrych, said the victim had left their home ‘and moved straight into the home of another man.’

The defendant had been left to sever the ties between them, which included cancelling what was a joint mobile telephone contract.

She said that as a result of his arrest he had spent three days in custody and 230 days under a curfew a long way from home while awaiting the outcome of the legal proceedings.

Judge Philip Harris-Jenkins said although the harassment had not been of the worst kind, the defendant had a previous conviction for harassment, as well as several for assault.

He was made the subject of a 12 month community order.

Judge Harris-Jenkins also issued a restraining order preventing man from contacting the victim.

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