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Elin Jones AM on the next steps in broadband rollout



ELIN JONES AM and Ben Lake MP’s offices have been working together to ensure that Ceredigion is prioritised in the funding of Broadband by the Welsh and UK Governments. This week saw a long awaited statement from the Welsh Government Minister responsible for Broadband in Wales, Julie James AM, outlining the next steps in rollout of Superfast Broadband.

Click here to read the statement in full.

The statement outlines that the premises remaining to be connected have been split into ‘Lots’, with Ceredigion a part of the West Wales and Valleys Lot, Lot number 3, and that it will be made clear which properties will be connected in this rollout.

Further to this, Elin Jones AM has been told to expect approximately 1000 Ceredigion properties to be in the lot, and that they are due to be connected over the next three years.

Following the statement and a meeting with Julie James, Elin Jones AM said:

“Unfortunately, the statement doesn’t give me sufficient reassurance that we will see 100% rollout in Ceredigion in the near future.

“I understand that the Welsh Government is yet to complete discussions with BT / Openreach on the previous Superfast Cymru contract, and this may result with more properties connected in order to fulfil this contract.

“I met with the Minister recently to discuss this statement and I will meet with her again in the next few weeks to discuss properties in Lot 3. I also hope to discuss how we plan for community solutions in areas that will not be reached. This may well involve alternative providers and using a mixture of fibre and wireless solutions.

“None of this is satisfactory in my view, but I’m keen to work with every community in Ceredigion to see how we can get Welsh Government money to support this, even where there is no formal contract with BT.”

Last week also saw the UK Government’s Chancellor of the Exchequer, Philip Hammond MP, give his autumn budget, which included a promise of £200 million to rural broadband. Elin Jones and Ben Lake will now seek to clarify whether any of this money will be spent in Wales, and how.


D-Day anniversary offer for veterans



FOLLOWING the first meeting of 2019, the Ceredigion Armed Forces Community Covenant (CAFCC) wishes to endorse Royal British Legion’s generous offer of providing a fully-funded tour back to the beaches for 300 D-Day veterans.

June 6 marks the 75th anniversary of the D-Day Landings.

Following the CAFCC meeting, Councillor Paul Hinge, Ceredigion’s Armed Forces Champion said, “This most generous gesture is fantastic, everyone of those eligible to travel is a nonagenarian 90+ year old and this trip will be a fitting way to say ‘thank you’ for their contribution as the Allies won WW2.”

The Royal British Legion, in partnership with Arena Travel, have chartered a ship, the MV Boudicca, to provide a fully funded tour for 300 D-Day Veterans from 02 June until 09 June. Each veteran will be able to bring one carer who will also be fully funded.

Veterans interested in applying for the trip need to complete the eligibility form by Monday 4 February 2019. The eligibility form and more details of the event can be found online at:

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Sex offender caught trying to flee to Ireland



A sex offender from Bow Street near Aberystwyth who tried to move to Ireland without telling anyone has been jailed.

Dennis Bull, aged 67, was caught trying to drive a van onto the Fishguard–Rosslare ferry with his belongings in the back ready for a new life in the Republic.

Bull, of Nirmit, admitted failing to comply with the conditions of registration as a sex offender and was jailed for 16 months.

Dyfed Thomas, prosecuting, told Swansea Crown Court it was the third time he had breached the order, imposed at Caernarfon crown court in February, 2016, for possessing indecent images of children.

That conviction was on top of earlier offending in New Zealand that included indecent exposure, outraging public decency and gross indecency with a child.

Mr Thomas said Bull had been jailed for 16 months in 2016 and ordered to register with the police. The restrictions imposed included a requirement to tell the police if he intended to change address.

On November 13 last year police at Fishguard harbour became aware of a Ford Mondeo registered to Bull.

A few minutes later Bull was arrested as he attempted to drive a van onto the Stenna ferry, which was loaded with household items.

Bull told the police he had made arrangements to move to Ireland “lock, stock and barrel” because he understood the monitoring of sex offenders was less strict.

In particular, said Mr Thomas, Bull did not like prospective employers being told about his convictions.

Judge Geraint Walters told Bull, “This was a planned and determined attempt to avoid detection. It was only the eagle eyes of the authorities that brought you to book.

“Your record is troubling and you present a risk of committing more offences of a sexual nature.

 “You are defiant of court orders that are there to protect others and it is truly disturbing that you are so keen to breach them.”

Bull was warned that the 2016 order remained in place for a further seven years.

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Newcastle Emlyn woman to brave the shave for charity



TO MARK her 50th birthday, a Newcastle Emlyn woman will brave the shave to raise money for Diabetes UK Cymru.

On January 26, Newcastle Emlyn’s Coopers Arms will be the venue where Yvonne Lloyd’s shoulder length hair will hit the deck, as it is shaved off by hairdresser Pamela Atterbury. Mayor of Newcastle Emlyn Cefin Evans will make the first cut, in an evening that will include a buffet, raffle and live music from local band Back Tracks.

Yvonne, a waitress at Ty Croeso Delicatessen, said: “My son Tristan, now 25, developed Type 1 diabetes when he was at university. However well managed, it is a life-changing condition which you can never forget.

“He was diagnosed after an emergency admission to hospital with diabetic ketoacidosis, a potentially life-threatening condition caused by extremely high blood sugar. It can be fatal if not treated immediately. He was in hospital for four days and now relies on four insulin injections a day.

“I’m having my head shaved, not just to raise money, but also to educate people. There are a lot of myths about diabetes and how it can affect your life.”

The hair cut will start at 8.30pm on Saturday January 26 at the Coopers Arms, Station Road, Newcastle Emlyn. Entry costs £5 and doors open at 7.00 pm. All are welcome.

You can support Yvonne by signing one of the sponsor forms at the Coopers Arms and Ty Croeso, or online at:

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