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Ddarganfyddiadau diddorol ar draethau Arfordir Penfro



penMAE mwy o ddarganfyddiadau rhyfeddol ar draethau Arfordir Penfro wedi taflu goleuni diddorol pellach ar fywyd helwyr-gasglwyr yr ardal mor bell â 10,000 o flynyddoedd yn ôl. 

Gwelwyd olion traed bodau dynol ac anifeiliaid hynafol gan Archeolegwr y Parc Cenedlaethol yn Niwgwl, tra darganfuwyd olion ych hirgorn, brîd prin o wartheg gwyllt yn Borth Mawr gan ŵr lleol, Shaun Thompson. Arweiniodd y stormydd ar ddechrau 2014 at golli llawer o dywod o draethau lleol, gan ddatgelu olion coetiroedd hynafol mewn llawer o draethau, yn cynnwys Niwgwl, Abereiddi a Porth Mawr. Mae’r tywod yn dychwelyd yn raddol, ond ceir darganfyddiadau o hyd ar hyd yr arfordir. Dywedodd Phil Bennett, Rheolwr Diwylliant a Threftadaeth Awdurdod Parc Cenedlaethol Arfordir Penfro: “Mae’r olion traed yn y mawn agored yn Niwgwl, sy’n hanu mwy na thebyg o’r cyfnod Mesolithig tua 10,000 o flynyddoedd yn ôl, yn awgrymu y gallai bodau dynol fod yn tracio anifail â charnau mawr megis ych hirgorn. “Byddai darganfyddiad olion yr ych hirgorn yn Borth Pawr gerllaw yn cefnogi’r ddamcaniaeth hon ac mae’r cyrn yn awgrymu fod y creaduriaid hyn wedi bod yn rhai mawr iawn. “Mae wedi bod yn fraint cael bod yn archeolegwr yn gweithio yn Sir Benfro yn ystod y cyfnod hwn o ddarganfod, ond mae’r tywydd a’r llanw sy wedi datguddio’r cliwiau rhyfeddol i’n gorffennol hefyd wedi arwain at golli nifer o’r adnoddau sensitif hyn. Fe hoffwn ofyn i unrhyw un sy’n dod o hyd i unrhyw beth diddorol neu anghyffredin o gwmpas yr arfordir i gysylltu â mi ar 0845 3457275.” Bydd olion yr ych hirgorn bellach yn cael eu cadw a gobeithir eu harddangos yn y pendraw yn Oriel a Chanolfan Ymwelwyr Oriel y Parc yn Nhyddewi.

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New plaque unveiled at Cardigan War Memorial to honour three fallen soldiers from Cardigan



A NEW plaque was unveiled at Cardigan War Memorial to honour three fallen soldiers from Cardigan. The plaque was unveiled during a public Commemoration and Dedication Service on 12 October.

The plaque commemorates Michael J. Dunphy who gave his life in the 1982 Falklands War and Lee T. Davies and David M.E. Greenhalgh who gave their lives in the 2001-2015 conflict in Afghanistan. The plaque was unveiled by Her Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant of Dyfed, Miss Sara Edwards.

Councillor Paul Hinge is Ceredigion County Council’s Armed Forces Champion. He said: “It was an honour and privilege to welcome everyone to the Service of Commemoration and Dedication, not only as a son of Cardigan, but as a veteran myself and Ceredigion County Council’s Armed Forces Champion.

“The three fallen soldiers of Cardigan, Michael Dunphy, Lee Davies and Dave Greenhalgh paid the ultimate sacrifice and their names are now immortalised on Cardigan War Memorial honouring their sacrifice.

“It was a privilege to work with all stakeholders involved in planning the day including the families, regiments, Cardigan Town Council and Ceredigion County Council officers. We were delighted with the strong attendance on Saturday which was a testament to how important this Commemoration is to all concerned. It was a fitting tribute to the fallen soldiers of Cardigan.”


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Communities in Ceredigion will get extra support



COMMUNITIES in Ceredigion will get extra support as they take part in a census rehearsal The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has appointed a census engagement manager to support Ceredigion residents help rehearse the census this October.

Ceredigion was chosen as one of just four areas for the census rehearsal, which will enable the ONS to test some of the systems and processes it has put in place ahead of the digital-first 2021 Census.

David Lloyd Roberts, the area’s census engagement manager, will help organisations, charities, faith groups and community leaders within the county to raise awareness of the census rehearsal and the value to local residents in taking part.

David, who grew up on a hill farm in Pontrhydfendigaid studied history and Welsh history at Aberystwyth University before embarking on a career within the community as a trading standards officer. He went on to manage the local authority’s trading standards, licensing and community warden functions.

He said: “I’ve worked in local government in Ceredigion for over 34 years and served as a school governor for 10 years, so I like to think I know the area and its people well.

“This is a really exciting opportunity to work with community groups and residents to test out the processes to make sure everything works as well as possible and to help ensure everyone in Ceredigion get their voices heard.”

People in each of the rehearsal areas, Ceredigion, Hackney, Tower Hamlets and Carlisle, will be asked to complete a questionnaire about those living in their household on 13 October 2019.

The rehearsal will be primarily online, with help for those who need it. Residents will be invited to take part later this year.

Director of census operations, Pete Benton, said: “The census helps inform vital public services such as the number of children’s school places, hospital and GP services and social care provision in local areas.

“As the census only takes place every ten years it is important we hold an operational rehearsal to ensure that all our processes run smoothly.

“The people of Ceredigion who take part will all be helping to ensure the overall success of the 2021 Census.”

The ONS’s recommendations for the next census were published in a government White Paper in December 2018.

The 2021 Census will, for the first time, collect information on veterans of the UK Armed Forces. This enables monitoring of the Armed Forces covenant – the deal between the country and those who served it.

And it is proposed that there will also be a new voluntary question on sexual orientation for those aged 16 and over. In addition to the usual question on being male or female, there will also be a voluntary question on gender identity for those aged 16 and over.

Everyone across the UK, including those living outside of the four rehearsal areas will be asked to take part in the actual census in 2021. More information will be made available nearer the time.

Community leaders in and around Ceredigion can find out more about the rehearsal by calling David on 07458109340 or emailing

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Chairman’s contribution to local charity



Chairman of Ceredigion County Council, Councillor Hag Harris presenting a cheque of £400 to Elin Vaughan-Miles, Lampeter Family Coordinator.

AS Councillor Hag Harris’ year as Chairman of Ceredigion County Council for 2018-2019 draws to a close, the Chairman’s Annual Dinner was held. During the evening, donations were received supporting the charity of the Chair’s choice, which was Lampeter Family Centre.

Lampeter Family Centre is open five days a week to all families with children under the age of 11 years old. It is a free, open access environment which provides a service to families in a welcoming and non-judgemental environment.

The centre offers a variety of sessions throughout the week including baby group, lunch club, language and play sessions for parents and toddlers. They also offer free play sessions, craft activities and ‘Out and About’ sessions which promotes the services on offer in the community.

Councillor Hag Harris presented a cheque of £400 for Lampeter Family Centre and said, “It is a pleasure to present this money to a truly deserving charity. Lampeter Family Centre is a fantastic support service for families with young children. It is a great resource and benefit for the community.”

The Centre also offers a variety of courses for parents to gain new skills, including Welsh lessons to help families who have recently moved to the area to integrate into the community. Over the last year, the Centre has supported 102 families.

Lampeter Family Centre is situated at Canolfan Dulais, Pontfaen Road in Lampeter. For more information, phone 01570 423847 or email

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