Lewis responds to lights let down

Mayor Andrew Lewis: ‘Disappointed’ with the new lights
Mayor Andrew Lewis: ‘Disappointed’ with the new lights

THE MAYOR of Ammanford and local councillor for the Myddynfych ward Andrew Lewis has written an open letter to the people of Ammanford explaining the decision behind why there a fewer Christmas lights than usual in the town this year. The letter reads as follows : ‘I know some people have been complaining about the lights, and to be honest I’m a little disappointed too, but I am part of the sub group that has made the decisions this year. ‘ Firstly, we, the Town Council, were spending over £17 ,000 a year renting Christmas lights for the town. Our contract was up this year where we have spent over £54 ,000 in the last three years.‘

Now Llanelli and Carmarthen have a precept of over £1m. ‘ We have a precept of £80 ,000 , which means we were spending almost 25% of our precept on Christmas lights that were up for 3 weeks of the year. ‘ We have decided to start purchasing lights, and placing trees around the town. Unfortunately we ran in to a problem in the piazza with underground High voltage and fibre. However, we are looking to sort that for next year, and have also now had permission to put a tree at the top of Quay Street by the square for next year. ‘ We did have Motifs on the lampposts 3 years ago, but SWTRA (South Wales Transport and Road Agency) made us take them down due to weight restrictions on the lampposts and we weren’t allowed to use them anymore. ‘

We are going to talk to businesses next year to see if we can install such motifs on their buildings. ‘ Finally, we wanted to rent lights to go across the square, but weren’t able to do so until we knew our expenditure for purchasing and installing the new lights. ‘ We have found out that the brackets that hold these lights require maintenance and therefore decided it was too dangerous for this year to go ahead, however, we have a Christmas lights sub group meeting in January to start discussing next year. ‘ I know they aren’t quite what we have had in previous years, but I hope you can all understand the decision process that we have reached for this year. ‘ I welcome any comments/ advice, good or bad, for us to take into January’s meeting. ‘ Thanks for your understanding.”

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