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MP supports police widows’ campaign



screen-shot-2016-11-29-at-12-22-21MARK WILLIAMS, Member of Parliament for Ceredigion, has met with local campaigner Debra Poole and other police widows in Parliament this week as part of the Police Widows’ Pension Campaign.

Until 2006, the law meant that those who lost their partners in the line of duty and remarried or moved in with their new partner would lose their pension. This meant many having to choose between their future happiness and receiving their pension.

Changes in the Police Pension Regulations in 2006 meant new entrants into the pension scheme, and serving officers who chose to transfer to the new scheme, would ensure survivors’ benefits were payable for life, even if they remarried or moved in with a new partner.

However, those who were affected between the 1987 Regulations and the 2006 Regulations have been told that they will not be able to remarry or cohabit with a partner and continue to keep their pension.

Mark said: “I was glad to be able to meet with one of my constituents, Debra Poole of Sarnau, and discuss this matter during the Police Widows’ Pension Campaign Parliamentary lobby.

“The situation that these widows have been put in is unjustifiable. Simply by virtue of their partner dying in the line of duty before the new regulations were in place means they have been told that they must choose between future happiness and keeping their widows’ pension.

“Though it is greatly welcome that the regulations have been changed so new and serving officers will not have to worry about their partners should the worst happen, this is little consolation for the widows of those officers who paid the ultimate price before the new regulations were in place.

“I urge the Government to reconsider their position and act to rectify this injustice.”

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. P Hirst

    April 13, 2018 at 1:03 am

    Debra Poole has been living with James Duffy since September 2016
    They spend all their time together when mr Duffy is home for the weekend. He is a HGV driver and hence they can only spend weekends together and bank holidays. Although mr Duffy has a flat, he simply uses it for business purposes and when there mrs Poole is invariably with him.

    I believe she also rents out another property under her name or nee Smith. She advertised this property on duffy!s Facebook last summer. Is this alleged income reported to inland revenue?

    whilst campaigning for pension reform and giving her BBC interview with a straight face she is arguably defrauding the insurance company. These pensions are not supposed to cover the surviving spouse effectively living with another as husband and wife. Yet the police did limited investigations. The insurance company needs to carry out proper investigations. No wonder she can afford new cars, several holidays abroad each year. New York in February etc etc
    Defrauding good law abiding citizens since September 2016. Duffy and her spend all the time he is home together. When the above photo was taken Duffy was living with her and they were in a sexual relationship. Her sons live with her but are too scared to speak the truth although her daughter might.
    They are even talking about marriage

    The law is being broken. Everytime she claims her pension she is allegedly committing fraud by falsely representing her status namely that she is not living with someone. Given the nature of Duffy’s job as HGV driver he is unable to spend anymore than Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. On face book she writes “will always love you” to Duffy.
    She has most of his stuff in Sarnau and wants him to move in with her. She keeps all his personal stuff on her property such as his jet ski, his late mother’s property, clothes etc

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Wizardry night a success at Aberystwyth Library



The fourth Harry Potter Book Night was held at Aberystwyth Library on Friday, 07 February.

After dark, it was a time for fans to celebrate the iconic series of books with events all around the World.

Ceredigion Library Service held the event at Aberystwyth Town Library, which was decorated with all things Harry Potter.

Emyr Lloyd and Delyth Huws, both Assistant Librarians organised the night. They were very pleased with the success and turnout. Emyr Lloyd said, “We enjoy putting on the Harry Potter Book night. The fourth one was no different with 86 children attending the free event and very positive feedback. We hope events such as these spark a joy of reading in the young and old.”

Three Owls from New Quay Birds of Prey came by and Luke the close-up magician entertained the audience. The children were also entertained with a reading from one of the books and also a crafts and activities area.

Follow the events of the Ceredigion Library Service on Facebook @llyfrgellceredigionlibrary. The next event will be a sale of stock on 22 February between 10am and 4pm at the Bandstand in Aberystwyth.

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Noson hudolus yn Llyfrgell Aberystwyth



Cynhaliwyd Noson Llyfrau Harry Potter yn Llyfrgell Aberystwyth ddydd Gwener, 07 Chwefror. Hon oedd y bedwaredd noson o’r fath.

Ar ôl iddi nosi, roedd hi’n amser i edmygwyr y llyfrau ddathlu’r gyfres eiconig gyda digwyddiadau ledled y byd.

Cynhaliodd Gwasanaeth Llyfrgell Ceredigion y digwyddiad yn Llyfrgell Tref Aberystwyth, ac addurnwyd y llyfrgell gyda phob math o bethau sy’n gysylltiedig â Harry Potter.

Trefnwyd y noson gan Emyr Lloyd a Delyth Huws, Llyfrgellwyr Cynorthwyol. Roeddent yn falch iawn â llwyddiant y noson a’r nifer oedd yn bresennol yn y digwyddiad. Dywedodd Emyr Lloyd, “Rydym yn mwynhau cynnal nosweithiau Llyfrau Harry Potter. Nid oedd y bedwaredd noson o’r fath yn eithriad; mynychodd 86 o blant y digwyddiad am ddim, a derbyniwyd adborth cadarnhaol iawn. Rydym yn gobeithio y bydd digwyddiadau fel y rhain yn swyno’r hen a’r ifanc i fwynhau darllen.”

Daeth tair tylluan o Adar Ysglyfaethus Cei Newydd i’r digwyddiad, a bu Luke yn diddanu’r gynulleidfa gyda’i hud a’i ledrith. Diddanwyd y plant hefyd gyda darlleniad o un o’r llyfrau ac ardal gweithgareddau a chrefftau.

Dilynwch ddigwyddiadau Gwasanaeth Llyfrgell Ceredigion ar Facebook @llyfrgellceredigionlibrary. Y digwyddiad nesaf yw arwerthiant stoc ar 22 Chwefror rhwng 10am a 4pm yn y Bandstand yn Aberystwyth.

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Warnings issued as Storm Ciara predicted to hit west Wales



NATURAL RESOURCES WALES (NRW) is urging people living near the Welsh coast to be prepared for possible flooding this weekend as Storm Ciara reaches the UK.

Current forecasts indicate that strong winds could cause a tidal surge and large waves hitting the coast.

Combined with heavy rainfall which is likely to see rivers rise quickly, NRW expects to issue flood alerts and possibly warnings across the country from Saturday afternoon through to Monday.

With the worst of the conditions expected on Sunday, NRW advises people to keep a safe distance from coastal paths, promenades, piers, and from river banks.

Emergency response workers from NRW are already making preparations ahead of the storm, checking defences are in good working order and making sure any drainage grids and screens are clear, to reduce the risk to people and their homes.

Richard Preece, from Natural Resources Wales said: “Our teams are keeping a close eye on forecasts and predicted river and sea levels this weekend, and if necessary, will issue flood warnings to registered properties in those areas at risk.

“We have already been speaking with our partners from the emergency services and the local authorities so they can put their plans into action.

“We are also warning people to avoid visiting the sea front due to the risk of being swept away by large waves or hit by wave and wind-blown debris.

“Flood water can also be extremely dangerous, and people should not attempt to walk or drive through it unless instructed by the emergency services.”

Network Rail and Transport for Wales have issued joint information ahead of Storm Ciara, which is expected to bring strong winds and heavy rain to the Wales and Borders route this weekend.

The Met Office has issued a yellow wind warning for the whole of the UK and two yellow rain warnings on Sunday.

Transport for Wales Operations Director Martyn Brennan and Amanda Newton, Senior Incident Officer at Network Rail said: “With Storm Ciara set to bring gale force winds of up to 90mph on Sunday, Transport for Wales and Network Rail wish to urge all customers to check their journeys prior to travel.

“We’re expecting very stormy conditions, high tides and winds that have the potential to uproot trees and damage infrastructure.

“The safety of our customers and colleagues is our absolute priority and as such there are likely to be a number of speed restrictions in place around our network, while some other lines may be forced to close entirely. We are working closely together to minimise any disruption and will do all we can to keep our customers moving and informed.”

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