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New Quay RNLI tasked to suspected fishing boat in distress



NEW QUAY RNLI’s Mersey class all-weather lifeboat, the Frank & Lena Clifford of Stourbridge, was paged at 09.07 on Thursday 11 July by Milford Haven Coastguard after they picked up EPIRB (Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon) signals from a commercial fishing vessel in the Llangrannog area.

The crew were then stood down as the Coastguard had spoken to the skipper of the vessel and confirmed that no assistance was required. However, after the beacon had been switched off and taken ashore, the Coastguard continued to receive distress signals in the area. Believing that a second EPIRB may have been activated, the Coastguard issued a mayday call.

Roger Couch, Lifeboat Operations Manager said, “The Coastguard wanted to confirm there was no other vessel in distress, so the lifeboat was paged at 09.32 to search the area.”

Daniel Potter, New Quay RNLI Coxswain said, “We soon found the fishing vessel in question and also spoke to other fishing vessels and members of the public in the area to check whether they had accidentally set off a distress beacon. We also used our direction finding equipment to get a fix on the distress signal.”

“We then searched the area between Aberporth and New Quay, as directed by the Coastguard, but, after a two hour search, we found no other vessel in distress or persons in the water.”

Having concluded the search pattern, the lifeboat was stood down by Milford Haven Coastguard and returned to station at 12:00.

Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons are GPS satellite enabled safety devices registered to and carried by a vessel. EPIRBs are designed to alert search and rescue services and allow them to quickly locate seagoing vessels in an event of an emergency. They activate automatically when they hit the water or you can push a button to set it off in an emergency. The signal from the beacon informs the Coastguard where you are and who you are. You can also purchase PLBs (Personal Locator Beacons) for personal use when taking part in recreational water sports.


Hywel Dda provides teaching equipment on infant feeding for over 100 midwives.



Doll and knitted breast for midwifery

THANKS to donations, Hywel Dda Health Charities has been able to provide bags containing teaching equipment on infant feeding to over 100 midwives across Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion and Pembrokeshire.

Each bag contains a doll and knitted breast, so that the midwives can give advice to new mums and mums-to-be on breast-feeding, along with laminated cards with information.

All the community midwives across the three counties, plus the maternity units at Glangwili,

Bronglais and Withybush hospitals have received the bags.

Hywel Dda’s Infant Feeding Co-ordinator, Christena Phelan O’Riordan (pictured in the foreground with Health Care Support Worker Jan Jones), said the dolls and knitted breasts were proving to be extremely useful as teaching aids.

“It has made such a difference having these visual aids to give pregnant and post-natal mothers advice on breast-feeding,” she said.

“Whether face-to-face in hospital or at home, or virtually through WhatsApp calls, these aids are great props for when we are teaching about breast-feeding.”

Nicola Llewelyn, Head of Hywel Dda Health Charities, the official charity of Hywel Dda University Health Board, said: “Donations are making a real difference to the lives of patients, service-users and staff in the Hywel Dda University Health Board area.

“We are very grateful for all the support we receive from our local communities.”

For more details about the charity and how you can help support local NHS patients and staff, go to

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Recognition given to long-standing members of Council committee



AT AN Ethics and Standards Committee (virtual) meeting held on 17 September 2021,  Rif Winfield and Hywel Wyn Jones were given recognition for their 10 years’ of service to the Committee between 2011 and 2021. A small plaque was presented to both.

Hywel was Chair of the Committee for 3 years.

In their place, two new independent members Alan Davies and Caryl Davies have been appointed.

Eifion Evans, Chief Executive of Ceredigion County Council said, “Ceredigion County Council has benefitted from a decade of advice and considerations provided by Rif & Hywel. We welcome the new members of the committee and their input to the function of the Committee will be greatly appreciated.”

Standards Committees of local authorities exist to do all that is possible to promote and safeguard the standards that the public rightly expect from their elected representatives.

Ceredigion County Council Chairman, Councillor Paul Hinge, said, “Our thanks go to Rif and Hywel who have given their time to contribute to the Committee and we welcome the new members.”

The Committee is made up of five independent members, two county councillors and two town/community councillors. Meeting quarterly, reports for the Ethics and Standards Committee including dispensation applications can be found on the Council website:

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Exciting new developments on the horizon for Lampeter Wellbeing Centre



Architects have been appointed to oversee the project and work will now begin on the proposed layout for the facility

At a Cabinet meeting held on 01 December 2020, it was agreed that Lampeter Leisure Centre would become the location of the Council’s first Wellbeing Centre in the County.

A significant amount of work and investment is to be made at the Leisure Centre which will improve the facility and the resources for years to come.

Over the coming months, as we see the plans and proposals for Wellbeing Centre develop, they will be shared with service users and the residents of Ceredigion.

Architects have been appointed to oversee the project and work will now begin on the proposed layout for the facility. The layout will be a reconfiguration of the existing facility in order to provide a Wellbeing Centre that can provide an enhanced range of Through Age Services, including Leisure Services to the residents of Lampeter and the mid of the county. 

Councillor Catherine Hughes, Ceredigion County Council Cabinet Member, said: “We are looking forward to the development of the new Wellbeing Centre at Lampeter. This will provide a range of services to residents within their local community.

This development comes at a welcome time, as Ceredigion Public Service Board is carrying out an Assessment of Local Wellbeing, in order to find out about the wellbeing of local people and communities, now and in the future.”

Lampeter Leisure Centre will be closed during the building works, but during this period alternative provision will be made available for all service users and clubs.

We look forward to being able to share these alternative plans with you over the coming weeks, as soon as these arrangements have been finalised.

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