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Cardi-Gân choir celebrates 20th birthday



On Saturday, 28 September Cardi-Gân choir will celebrate its 20th birthday. Their guests are the two renowned tenors, Rhys Merion and Aled Wyn Davies or ‘Tra Bo Dau’ as they are known.

Tickets have been sold out since mid-August, but it’s worth anyone looking for a ticket to add their names to the waiting list in case some become available at the last minute!

Cardi-Gân supports a different charity annually since its inception. Some of the charities that have benefited from their campaigns over the years are Cancer Research Wales, British Heart Foundation, Canolfan y Môr – Aberaeron Secondary School, Welsh Blood Bikes and the Colorectal Disease to name but a few. We have successfully raised many thousands over the years and the two charities that we’re supporting this year are RABI Cymru Wales and Tir Dewi.

RABI is an agricultural charity working regionally within England and Wales changing the lives of families for the better. The charity offers confidential financial support to farmers of all ages facing hardship. Each case is different and the support offered is tailored to individual circumstances.

Each year the R.A.B.I charity gives out around £2 million in grants and helps around 2,000 individuals and families. The majority of income comes from fundraising events, donations from individuals, businesses, community groups and the voluntary county committees, as well as from wills and grants from charitable trusts.

Tir Dewi was formed in response to a growing and serious need to help farmers in West Wales during difficult times. Rev Canon Eileen Davies and Bishop Wyn (now retired) agreed that some kind of help had to be offered and Eileen was tasked with setting up Tir Dewi with a helpline, a listening service and a signposting service. Generous funding came from The Church in Wales and The Prince of Wales Countryside Fund. The service was originally launched in the summer of 2015 and since then has helped around 50 farmers and their families who were, in one way or another, at a crisis point. The main focus is on three counties – Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion and Pembrokeshire.

The charity has a strong network of experts across the diverse facets of farming who can act as advocates, offer communication support and attend meetings with suppliers, customers, banks, finance companies or advisers. Tir Dewi aims to help identify the best way forward and advice and support to take the right steps to get there.

Côr Cardi-Gân meets every Wednesday in ‘Y Gwndwn’ on the Theatr Felinfach campus at 7:45 pm. New members are always welcome and there is no better time to join than the present.

On Wednesday, 9 October at 7:30pm a meeting will be held at Felinfach Hall to see how much interest there is in creating an adult Mixed Choir for competing in the Ceredigion 2020 Eisteddfod. Many of the choir members are keen to establish a larger choir in the Aeron Valley and the wider area to compete in the Entertainment Choir competition. Calling individuals, groups, and established choirs. No experience is needed, just energy and enthusiasm, so come and join us.

The Cardi-Gân Choir 20th Birthday Celebration Concert will be held with Tra Bo Dau on Saturday, 28 September at 7:30 pm. Contact the Box Office to add your name to the waiting list on 01570 470697.

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Force decision to challenge inappropriate behaviour of officer the right one



A DYFED-POWYS POLICE officer has been dismissed from his post with immediate effect, after the force challenged the previous finding of a conduct panel which would have enabled him to return to front line duties.

PC Simon England first appeared before an independent panel in April 2019, following reports of inappropriate sexual behaviour and comments towards colleagues and (indirectly) members of the public.

Following a judicial review into the 2019 hearing, this week PC England was brought before another panel, overseen by Legally Qualified Chair, Mrs Sally Olsen.

PC England fully admitted the alleged conduct in its entirety and accepted that it amounted to gross misconduct. However,  he did not believe that his conduct justified his dismissal from the force.

The Panel found that the behaviour in question amounted to serious breaches of the standards of professional behaviour relating to authority, respect and courtesy, equality and diversity and discreditable conduct, and was therefore dismissed with immediate effect. 

Following this second panel, Temporary Chief Constable Claire Parmenter said:

“Dyfed-Powys Police quite rightly expects the highest standards of professional behaviour from its officers and staff, as do the communities we serve and protect.

“The force cannot and will not tolerate behaviour of this kind. We will always take action to protect our officers, staff, and without question, the public.

“It is vital that we maintain public confidence in the force, and public confidence cannot be upheld by allowing individuals who behave in such a way to remain in the organisation.

“I am pleased to see that the seriousness of this matter has now been recognised and that the panel have judged this behaviour to amount to gross misconduct. This confirms that the decision to challenge the original conclusion via judicial review was absolutely the right one”.

Examples of the conduct in question include inappropriate touching of colleagues with sexual intent, inappropriate comments to colleagues about masturbation, and talk of specific sexual acts that he would wish to engage in with members of the public he had seen.

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New Quay RNLI search for unoccupied grey dinghy



On Sunday night (25 July) New Quay RNLI’s inshore lifeboat was tasked by Milford Haven Coastguard to search for an unoccupied grey dinghy last seen near Cwmtydu, south of New Quay. 

The Audrey LJ lifeboat launched at 8.40pm with three volunteer crew members on board and made good speed down the coast.  

Dylan Price, New Quay RNLI’s helm said, “On arrival the crew commenced searching and soon found a large blue and black inflatable. We were then tasked to carry out further searches for a grey boat between Cwmtydu and New Quay but on finding nothing else we were stood down and returned to station by 10pm. 

“Remember if you see anyone in trouble or find yourself in difficulty on the coast do not hesitate to call 999 and ask for the Coastguard.” 

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Stand up for slowing down speed campaign launched



INAPPROPRIATE speed contributes to around 11% of all injury collisions reported to the police, with 15% of collisions resulting in a serious injury and 24% of collisions resulting in fatalities.

Starting on the 26th July, the National Police Chief Council (NPCC) Speed Campaign will kick off across the UK, with GoSafe and the four Welsh Police Forces participating in both engaging with the public about the risks of speeding and enforcing the speed limits on the roads of Wales.

In 2019, 60,073 Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs) were issued in Wales to drivers/riders for speeding.

Speeding is a major contributing factor to collisions on the roads of Wales. This includes both ‘excessive speed’, where the speed limit is exceeded, as well as driving or riding within the speed limit when this is too fast for the conditions at the time; for example, in poor weather, poor visibility or high pedestrian activity.

During the Coronavirus pandemic, we saw less traffic but higher speeds.  Now our restrictions are lifting, traffic volumes are up and as we are holidaying in the UK more, we are seeing more people speeding on the roads in Wales.  We want to change this, but can only do that with your help.

 Over the next few weeks you will see an increased presence on the road network of Wales as we aim to keep all road users safe and reduce the number of people killed or seriously injured on our roads.

 We know that the majority of road users comply with the speed limit; but the minority of those who do not increases the risk to the safety of all road users and need to be educated on the risks to their own safety as well as to the safety of those around them. Throughout this campaign, GoSafe and our partners in the Police and Local Authorities will encourage and educate more people to reduce their speed to save lives.

Teresa Ciano, GoSafe Partnership Manager said: “GoSafe enforce at sites across Wales in order to encourage motorists to comply with the speed limits and in turn make our roads and communities safer for everyone. If we all play our part and stand up for slowing down we can make a difference, and we can save lives on the roads of Wales.”

Lee Waters MS, Deputy Minister for Climate Change said: “I am very pleased to support this campaign. Driving at high speeds costs lives and a greater police presence on our roads will mean motorists will be more likely to drive within the speed limits, protecting lives and avoiding a speeding fine.”

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